About Us

The Richmond Hill Muslim Association is a non-profit charitable organization, that was founded in 2004 by Abu Alam, to establish a place of worship, to strengthen the access to Islamic education, facilitate community outreach and interaction with other religious organizations and community groups as well as offer social and settlement services for Muslims.

RHMA’s mission is to nurture and establish Islam as a living reality in the lives of the Muslims and to enhance the Islamic identity in the society at large. It is our belief that Islam offers a cohesive understanding of the world, as well as intellectual and spiritual illumination.

The Richmond Hill Muslim Association’s goal is to bring the truthful and peace filled message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We want to be a dynamic Muslim organization, contributing towards the development of the community and to address the needs of women, children and youth towards building a tight knit community and strong social values based on Islam.

We want to build bridges and spread peace with “The People of the Book”, Jews, Christians, Muslims and those of other faiths who are all our brethren in humanity.

We want to educate people about Islam and its perspective on numerous issues such as, the environment, terrorism, human rights, and animal rights.

We believe the problems facing this generation are the very problems mentioned in our Prophet’s (Peach Be Upon Him) final sermon: economic injustice, racism, the oppression of women, and the manipulation of natural order. We believe these human illnesses can only be treated through healing the hearts of humanity with spiritual truths of the impermanence of the world and the need to understand our purpose while we are here and act accordingly. This can only be done with sound and true knowledge. It is our goal to acquire and disperse that knowledge.

The Richmond Hill Muslim Association is a place of worship for the Muslim community and a community centre that promotes one common unity.


• Advance the cause of Islam by disseminating authentic knowledge of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims through publications, distribution of literature, seminars, workshops and interfaith dialogue
• Build a strong and united Muslim community by providing social, economical and educational programs and services
• Encourage and find ways for the Muslim community to become active and involved in the affairs of their respective society with the aim to influence the policy making decisions of the Canadian government
• Fund human uplifting projects and social outreach programs
• Establish educational institutions that shall strive for academic excellence on true Qur’aanic learning
• Prepare a new generation of leadership equipped with Islamic knowledge, spirit and ideals with a strong commitment towards community awareness and service
• Empower the mind and intellect through enlightenment and enhancement
• Supply and render services of a charitable nature to the poor and needy Muslims in particular and to fellow human beings in general in Canada and abroad
• Form partnerships with other community-based organizations, locally and globally, with the aim to foster an environment that generates a just and visionary leadership